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What I Do


From technical to creative, I can write the short and long in any style to fit. Move your project into the production stage, or amp up your skills with one-on-one coaching.


En plein air or in the studio, capturing stories with my camera lets me bring imagination to life. I can work with you to create, digitize, or manipulate images.

Web Coding

Fluent in web coding languages, my expert HTML/CSS, Javascript, and database skills keep online content up, running and looking great. Ready to tackle a CMS? I can set you up today.


Pieces not quite fitting together? Face-to-face, hands-on activities make a bigger impact. Ask me about specialized workshops and interactive lectures for writing and photography.


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Exhibition Essay

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

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Environmental Portraits

Shang-ri La Spa Center

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Website Redesign

Society of Petroleum Engineers

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White Paper

Asset Performance Group

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Pinhole Camera Workshop

2015 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

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Website and Monograph

Loli Kantor Photography

About Ashlae

A critical thinker with a playful sense of humor, my experience makes me an adaptable player in creating content and keeping it organized.

Their There

The rules of Strunk & White are firmly seated as the foundation for my writing practice, thanks to a favorite English teacher and years and years of reading. From On the Road to War of the Worlds to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers, the stories all inspire my imagination and feed my hunger for writing. Rarely does a set of directions go unread, which, coincidentally, also makes me really good at writing them.


A knack for small details makes me a lean-and-mean editor, which many grad students bravely face while writing thesis papers. After rounds of revisions for content, structure, and vocabulary, what often starts as clouded descriptions and disorganized supporting statements is transformed into clear, cohesive arguments.

It's not all black and white

Once introduced to master photographers like Imogen Cunningham, Tina Modotti, Henri Cartier Bresson, and Elliot Erwitt, I buried my nose in books and magazines for photography and enrolled in darkroom classes. I became obsessed with the power photos have to tell stories, and it became another tool for collaborating and constructing narratives.


Over the years, I’ve worked with people to capture portraits and special events while also balancing a fine art practice. Creating dynamic images for marketing and branding lets me experiment with ways to reflect the right emotions. Once-in-a-lifetime moments, like weddings and celebrations, keep my muscles stretched and ready for spontaneity.

Console.log("Hello World")

Considering the fact that stories need an audience, I jumped into the sea of coding languages to learn news ways of publishing content. Fascinated by trends for digital readers and devices, I padded my tool belt with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and database programming languages and took a front row seat to digital publishing platforms.


From content management to complete redesigns, I’ve acquired a full-scale perspective of the complexities behind websites, along with insight into simplifying things based on context and audience. The same logic is used in copywriting and photo editing—focus on the audience to help shape the presentation. Creating imaginary personas, then, is no problem for me. Combining skills in writing and photography gives me an upper hand in this competitive online culture.




Denver, Colorado, USA


+1 940 597 8287

Collaboration is a top priority, and my favorite notes and doodles on napkins hang on my office wall. Scribble me a message!